Triton Roofing applicator

Triton certified contractor

Triton offers industrial-grade, non-toxic, roof products to repair or replace commercial roofs.

Triton manufactures stronger, safer, and sensible alternatives to traditional roofing and waterproofing technologies. Operating from manufacturing headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with over 15 international distribution points, Triton’s award-winning design and engineering services are coupled with forward-thinking product technologies, including instant-set liquid rubbers and slip-resistant membranes. 

Energy Efficient Roofing is the only certified Triton contractor in a four-state radius.

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We will schedule a time for your free on-site roof inspection.

Step 2: Free inspection.

We will perform your free, on-site roof inspection and take a core sample of your roof.

Step 3: Report, quote, and recommendation.

Upon completion of our inspection, we will give you a report with our findings. We will make any necessary recommendations for your roof and provide a free quote.

Step 4: Next steps.

When you’re ready to get started, we will collect 50% payment up-front and the rest upon completion of your roof.